About Us


Dear readers,

Hamburg is a city of immigration no one doubts this fact anymore.
About a quarter of Hamburg's inhabitants have a migration background. Every fifth marriage is binational and every third child in primary school has a migration background.
Meanwhile second and third generation migrants are living and working in our city. They have become part of our society and are influencing many aspects of city life such as gastronomy, trade, culture and sports.

Almost 20 percent of the people living in Germany today come from other parts of the world. They give birth to one third of the children born in the country.They are no longer a small minority and take a significant part in building our common future. The integration of migrants in Germany doesn't present us only with challenges and problems. It also offers great chances and potential for the future of this country. The current demografic development, i.e. the fact that more and more  people retire while at the same time the number of young people decreases, requires that all young people receive the best possible education so that the country's productivity could be secured in the future.  

Since its foundation the association IKB has set itself the goal to encourage the dialogue between different minorities and to advance the contact between the majority society and other cultures.
The buildings of IKB are places in Hamburg where you can experience intercultural meetings every day. People of different origins, religions and age, from various cultures and with different educational background meet and interact in a  possitive way.

We set ourselves the task to both benefit from the positive aspects of immigration and identify erroneous trends at a very early stage in order to better address and cope with them. For many years we have been providing migration consulting, German language courses, workshops and intercultural activities with the support of our multicultural team and have been working to advance the process of integration and ensure equal life style for people of different origins in our city.
Another wish of our team is to advocate mutual respect between the immigrants and the members of the majority society because it is only on this basis that  integration could be successful.

Sincerely your IKB-Team